Scared as HELL !!

My first blog entry:

Scared as hell!


Fear of the unknown because I am a newbie to this blog and wordpress stuff

Fear of being judged by the world

Fear of making mistakes

Fear of just Fear (unbelievable)

Fear that I am not good enough

Fear of not knowing what else to write about

Fear of having frozen thoughts

Fear of Uncertainty

Controller by fear

Well time this fear thing is over! Timeout!

Time for me to just be fearless! …. but how to be fearless?

3 thoughts on “Scared as HELL !!

  1. how ironic, I just wrote my first entry on my page and of course I can’t find it anywhere now:( but I found when I put fear into the search; I found you and others who are feeling the same thing in posting a blog fear. I love it be fearless


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